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ART&CRAFT Made in Europe was born in France, with the desire of offering the world the chance to discover and own exclusive creations, made by Expert European Designers and Craftsmen. 

Years ago we realized that some of the most fascinating pieces of art were only available locally; we therefore decided to team up with extraordinary European Designers and Creators in order to make their creations visible to the world.      

At Art&Craft, we guarantee Quality and Authenticity; but most of all, we offer you the chance to own exclusive "Made in Italy" and "Made in France" creations, some of which only one exists in the world.

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Pregiate Essenze Home Decor brings modern designs to each creation while keeping all of the wood's classic beauty intact. Some of these pieces represent months of work for the Designers and Craftsmen of Pregiate Essenze.  

Inlaid entirely by hand, with essences of wood coming from every continent of the world.  
- Made in Italy 

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HYCCARA - Made in France

Hyccara artisan made jewelry is created from enamel (crystal powder) and silver leaf, which are delicately painted onto a copper surface, the surface is then heated to 800° Celsius to create the fusion between these materials. 

These creations are extremely rare; very few artisans in the world create enamel jewelry. 
- Made in France 

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"Be the only one in the world to own this creation"

If the following phrase appears in the product's description, it means that 
you will be its only owner in the world : "Exclusive and unrepeatable creation. No further copies of this product were, or will ever be created. Only one available" 

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