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We are now living in what people call the “Digital Era”, and online shopping has become for many of us part of our everyday life; but with such established marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay, it is difficult to discover new websites that offer innovating and exciting products. That is why today I want to talk to you about Art&Craft Made in Europe: a brand new marketplace that was created with the purpose of revolutionizing your online shopping experience. Want to be introduced to a whole you world in terms of online shopping? Keep on reading to discover how Art&Craft Made in Europe can change the way you shop online.


What is Art&Craft Made in Europe?





Art&Craft Made in Europe art and craft eu designer haute couture enamel jewelry made in france hyccara pregiate essenze luxury wooden home decor made in Italy unique exclusive creationsArt&Craft Made in Europe is a marketplace specialized in the Arts of European Craftsmanship; in other words, just like Amazon and Ebay, Art&Craft EU gathers a variety of products from different brands. The twist however, is the fact each product featured on our website is a one of a kind creation, entirely handcrafted by expert European designers. Some of these items are even exclusive creations, of which only one copy exists in the world, and on top of that everything is available at incredibly affordable prices.

In contrary to most marketplaces which allow brands to sell their products in exchange for monthly fees, Art&Craft EU works with its brands by establishing strong partnerships: we choose carefully which creators will be featured on our website in order to guarantee only premium quality. We also take time in choosing which European country is going to represent a specific product: for example, France is the world’s capital of fashion, we therefore decided to team up with French jewelry designers in order to offer you the most authentic experience in terms of Parisian Fashion. 



















Why was Art&Craft EU founded?

Art&Craft Made in Europe art and craft eu designer haute couture enamel jewelry made in france hyccara pregiate essenze luxury wooden home decor made in Italy unique exclusive creationsArt&Craft EU was founded in 2017 by a small group of business university graduates. Born and raised in Europe, we were always in touch with the different arts and crafts that were celebrated in our countries. Some of our family members even had their own shops, where they sold the amazing pieces of art they would create using their manual skills. Arts and crafts have always been a predominant aspect of European history, and are part of what gives it its soul. Sadly however, we all grew up to see these incredible skills slowly disappear over time with the arrival of new technologies.

Businesses were slowly migrating from physical shops to online markets, which is a move not every Artisan was willing or capable of making. This is already having an impact which will for sure aggravate over time: with the arrival of the internet, teenagers and young adults are getting more and more skeptic in the thought of perusing a career in the field of Arts and Crafts. This mindset is extremely harmful for this industry, as it could eventually lead to the extinction of many amazing arts and crafts that have been present in European history for generations. We have watched Designer’s shops close their doors just because they felt they weren’t capable of keeping up with today’s virtual market. Their creations were stunning, incredible, and it really affected us to imagine a world without them. To our big surprise we soon realized that this wasn't a concern only for small shops, but also for bigger brands who were well established on a national level, but could not keep up today's globalization and the raise of digital marketing.

The solution to this problem came naturally to all of us, we had to create a way to bring together “new technologies” and “the world of Craftsmanship”; this led to the creation of Art&Craft EU, a marketplace dedicated to the work of Artisan and Craftsmen all around Europe.

What makes our store so unique?

Art&Craft Made in Europe art and craft eu designer haute couture enamel jewelry made in france hyccara pregiate essenze luxury wooden home decor made in Italy unique exclusive creationsWe are surrounded by mass production items, and nowadays it feels like there isn’t anything “unique” about what we decide to purchase anymore. Weather we do it consciously or not, most of us follow trends and try to find the most affordable way of doing so. We were also guilty of this, until we realized we were completely putting aside the value of our individuality. Everyone is unique and should own its individuality, so that we can stop following trends and get items that really represent who we are. What makes you feel more special them being the only one in the world to own something you love? This is what Art&Craft EU aims to do: give people everywhere the possibility to stop purchasing from unlimited stocks of mass production items, and start making everything they own in their life count; something that makes them feel unique, something valuable that only belongs to them. You are now probably asking yourself how you could possibly afford to own such exclusive designer creations… Well don’t worry: it was really important to us that people could actually afford what we have to offer! Keep on reading to see how we managed to do that.

How do we manage to sell designer creations at such low prices?

When we think of designer items, we immediately think about how expensive they are; so how were we able to offer designer products at such low prices?
First of all, by working directly with the creators we were able to avoid raising our prices, as we get the finished products directly from the designer’s shop, and not from a big manufacturing company. Secondly, the beauty about having an online store is that the internet does not require us to invest on a physical shop, which allows us to keep our prices low. Lastly, we try to invest as little as possible on advertisement: we prefer telling the world about our project, connecting with our audience and getting to know our community, rather than investing thousands of dollars in advertisement, which would force us to raise our prices. 

What can we find on Art&Craft Eu today?

As for now we are working with two incredible European Designers :
Hyccara Jewelry - Made in France and Pregiate Essenze Home Decor - Made in Italy.

Hyccara is a French brand of designer jewelry. All of Hyccara’s pieces are artisan made enamel art creations, designed and handcrafted in France. Each piece is created with crystal powder (enamels) and silver leaves, which are delicately painted onto a copper surface; the surface is then heated to 800° Celsius to create the fusion between these materials. Our Hyccara catalog offers a range of different styles which are all inspired by the world of Parisan Haute Couture Fashion: chic colorful and timeless.

Art&Craft Made in Europe art and craft eu designer haute couture enamel jewelry made in France hyccara unique exclusive creations french quality

Pregiate Essenze is a brand of wooden artisan made home decor, entirely designed and handcrafted in Italy. Pregiate Essenze was born form a long family tradition of expert restorers of antique furniture, with the idea that nature being the purest form of art it should be left untouched; "Art" being nothing more than an attempt to imitate nature's beauty. Their creations bring modern and unique designs to each piece while keeping all of the wood's natural beauty intact, and each item is made from solid, premium wood from every continent of the world. 

Art&Craft Made in Europe art and craft eu pregiate essenze luxury wooden home decor made in Italy unique exclusive creations

What do we stand for?

We wanted to create a project that would bring value to your life as well as ours. We believe that value isn’t defined by how much money you decide to spend on a product, but rather the way this product will affect your life and mindset. By getting something that is completely unique, and of which only one copy exists in the world, you can create a bond with what you own, as if those items were made for you; this to us, is what value really means. We also wanted to bring value to the lives of incredible European designers, by showing them the power of new technologies in terms of exposure for their work. Some of these creators are well renamed on a local level, so our goal is to expand their horizons and show them that there are thousands of people everywhere in the world looking for creations exactly like theirs.  
Lastly, we wanted to bring value to our lives by starting a project that meant something to us, a project we saw as fundamental for the life and prosperity of future craftsmen’s careers; we want children and teenagers to be able to dream of becoming an Craftsman one day.   

Is every item in our store an exclusive creation?

Yes, today every single item in our store is a 100% exclusive creation of which only one copy exists in the world; the following phrase in the product’s description is here to prove you so: “Exclusive and unrepeatable creation, no further copies of this item were, or will ever be created”. You will notice however, that not every product’s description includes this phrase; this does not mean that the item isn’t an exclusive creation, it simply means that the designers have reserved for themselves the possibility to recreate that piece in the future.

What is the future of Art&Craft?

One of our long term goals is to one day be able to compete with the most established marketplaces out there. We know this is a pretty ambitious project, but we are ready to put in all of the hard work necessary to get there. In terms of short term goals we want our marketplace grow by keeping on introducing new and original brands to it. We hope that by 2021 every single European country will be represented on our store. 


What can you do to support this project?

Art&Craft Made in Europe art and craft eu designer haute couture enamel jewelry made in france hyccara pregiate essenze luxury wooden home decor made in Italy unique exclusive creationsIf you want to support our project talk about it with your friends and family, in order to spread the word about Art&Craft Made in Europe. You can follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page to join our community and stay updated with all of our latest announcements and promotions. Secondly, the greatest thing you could do, is getting something special from our store: this is the greatest gesture of support we can get from you as we love (and are always so grateful) to see you guys enjoying our creations; it pushes us to go even further, and take on projects that are always more ambitious for the future of our brand.

The gains from your purchases are all reinvested for the growth of our project, so that our catalog can keep on expanding to hopefully represent every European country by 2021. If you are a social media influencer and would like to collaborate with us in order to spread the word about what we have to offer, you can contact us at: We are very open to social media collaboration, so do not hesitate to reach out to us. If you are a European designer and would like present your product to us, and see if they could be featured on our store, you can also contact us at:

We thank you for taking the time to discover who we are. We can’t wait to see where this adventure will be taking us, and we are so incredibly grateful for every single sign of support we have gotten so far. Don’t forget to comment down below if you have any questions, we love connecting with you all! We wish a wonderful day

 - The Art&Craft eu Team  

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