Art&Craft is the fusion between ancient arts & modern world.

We were always in touch with the different arts and crafts that were celebrated in our countries. Some of our family members even had their own shops, where they would sell the amazing pieces of art they had created using their manual skills. Arts and crafts have always been a predominant aspect of European history, and are part of what gives it its soul. Sadly however, we grew up to see these incredible skills slowly disappear over time with the arrival of the digital world.

We watched shops close their doors just because creators felt they weren’t capable of keeping up with today’s virtual market, and it really affected us to witness such a drastic change in so little time. The solution to this problem came naturally to all of us, we had to create a way to bring together “new technologies” and “the world of Craftsmanship”; this led to the creation of Art&Craft EU, the market dedicated to the work of Artisan and Craftsmen all around Europe.

We believe in a world were art and creativity is rewarded, we believe in a world were mass production isn't the only option. This is what we stand for and this is who we are.

"An artisan creation makes you feel unique. It is something valuable, as if it was made for you."

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