Meet the Influencers

We love to get to see you wearing and enjoying our creations!
Meet the lovely people who decided to trust and choose Art&Craft EU


Meet Ashley,

To go with her love for warm earthy tones, Ashley chose the Black & Honey Leaf necklace from our Leaf Collection. We couldn’t have picked a better piece for her, and if you follow her on Instagram @ashleyinthemidst, you’ll understand why! The Leaf symbolizes life and nature, which is something often present in Ashley’s incredible photography.

Discover our Leaf Collection, if just like Ashley, you also wish to wear this beautiful symbol around your neck. Go to to discover Ashley’s blog, and all of her tasteful articles about fashion and lifestyle!

 ashley in the midst social media instagram


Meet Susy,

Who chose the Black, White & Red Butterfly Necklace from our Papillon Collection. Susy is an incredibly talented Youtuber from Hungry; her videos are all related to beauty and fashion, and she is such an amazing source of inspiration. From makeup tutorials, to hauls and lookbooks, she has always something fun and interesting to share with her viewers.
Just like Susy, you can check out our Papillon Collection and find the perfect one for you.

To learn more about makeup and fashion, you can subscribe to Susy’s Youtube Channel Susy Ary Beauty, and follow her on Instagram @susyarybeauty  




Meet Morgan,

Who chose the sweet White & Amber Butterfly necklace from our Papillon Collection. The Papillon Necklace is the perfect symbol of youth, femininity and freedom; and we are so happy that Morgan was able to find the perfect one for her.
Just like Morgan, you can check out our Papillon Collection and find the perfect one for you.

Follow Morgan on Instagram to see more of her bubbly personality and get inspired by her incredible style and photography, @morganbretttt

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