HYCCARA Made in France

Hyccara jewelry are all artisan made enamel art creations, designed and handcrafted in France.

Hyccara jewelry pieces are created with crystal powder (enamels) and silver leaf, that are delicately painted onto a copper surface, the surface is then heated to 800° Celsius to create the fusion between these materials. 

Look for the following phrase in the product's description and be sure to be the only owner in the world of the piece of jewelry your are viewing: "Exclusive and unrepeatable creation. No further copies of this item were, or will ever be created "

If this phrase is not present on the product's description, it means that other copies of that piece could be recreated in the future. 

  • Each creation comes with its very own Certificate of Authenticity.
  • No manufacturing machines are involved in the creation of these jewelry pieces, as each piece is entirely created by hand by the artisans of Hyccara.
  • Because some of these jewelry pieces may contain small parts and elements that could be dangerous to small children, we would advise you to keep these products away from children under 3 years old. 
  • The wires and clasps used are 100% free of Nickel.
  • We want your creation to last a lifetime, for this reason avoid spraying perfume directly onto the jewelry, as the alcohol can be harsh to the materials.
  • Avoid impacts on hard surfaces.

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